A note on long labels

A collection of common dataviz caveats by Data-to-Viz.com

The issue

Most of the time, barplot or lollipop plots are plotted vertically with the Y-axis representing the value of the numeric variable. If your labels on the X-axis are long, they need to be rotated in order not to overlap.

As a result, these labels become hard to read:

# Libraries
options(knitr.table.format = "html")

# Load dataset from github
data <- read.table("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/holtzy/data_to_viz/master/Example_dataset/7_OneCatOneNum.csv", header=TRUE, sep=",")

# Barplot
data %>%
  filter(!is.na(Value)) %>%
  arrange(Value) %>%
  tail(20) %>%
  mutate(Country=factor(Country, Country)) %>%
  ggplot( aes(x=Country, y=Value) ) +
    geom_bar(stat="identity", fill="#69b3a2") +
    theme_ipsum() +
      panel.grid.minor.x = element_blank(),
      panel.grid.major.x = element_blank(),
      axis.text.x = element_text(angle = 80, hjust=1)
    ) +
    xlab("") +
    ylab("Weapon quantity (SIPRI trend-indicator value)")